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Soul Baby NYC designs fashionable and functional baby slings. A sling is perfect for the urban lifestyle, keeping baby close and happy, while allowing moms and dads free to navigate the hectic city.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

5 Reasons You NEED a Soul Baby Sling

  1. Babies love to be held. And we love to hold them! But holding a baby in arms can be very tiring after a while and getting anything done this way can be next to impossible. A Soul Baby sling allows you to cuddle your baby and grab a bite to eat, catch up on laundry, or shop with a friend.
  2. They are SO much cuter than strollers and other structured carriers. A Soul Baby sling is a part of your wardrobe! Our vibrant colors and fun prints add excitement to your outfit. Can you say the same about that big ol' stroller? Or all those buckles and straps on Bjorns and Snugglis?
  3. A Soul Baby sling can go places no stroller could ever dream. No need to search for a stairless entry or check your stroller at museums. With a Soul Baby sling subways and buses are no longer a hassle! No more taking baby out of the stroller, carrying baby, your bags, AND cumbersome stroller down the stairs! And I can't even count how many parents I've see pushing an empty stroller with one hand and carrying babe in the other!
  4. Nurse hands-free and on-the-go. You no longer have to look for a place to sit to breastfeed your baby. I can nurse discretely and comfortably while walking down the street, doing the dishes, or chatting with friends at a restaurant.
  5. Babies come in small packages and so do Soul Baby slings. Return the swing, stroller, bouncy seat, boppy, and pack-n-play you got as shower gifts. A Soul Baby sling is all the baby gear you will ever need! A Soul Baby sling can be used to nurse your little one, lull them to sleep, and tote them around. Besides where is all that stuff going to fit in your *cozy* NYC apartment??


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